Information about different psychological therapies

If you are looking for a good psychologist for counselling in Dubai, then the first thing that you will have to do in this regard is to find out the different types of counseling and therapies are offered by the psychologists that operate in your area. This will help you find the best suitable counseling or therapy that can solve your issue effectively. If you are not sure about which psychological therapy will be the right pick for the effective treatment of your social, behavioral or mental health issue, then the following information will help you make the best decision in this regard:

1- Cognitive/Behavioral therapies

These are the psychological therapies that mainly focus on the thoughts and behavior of the patient. The therapist in Dubai that you will choose for a cognitive therapy will try to treat your specific issue by trying to change your thinking and behavior through an effective psychological therapy. These therapies can further be divided into three categories based on the problems that they deal with.

The first type of therapies that falls under this type of psychological therapies is known as behavioral therapies. Behavioral therapies help patients learn or forget a specific behavior that is causing problem in their normal lives like different types of addictions of phobias.

Then there are therapies that completely focus on the ideologies and thoughts of the patients to be able to remove negative thoughts and ideas from their minds to help them live a healthy and positive life.

There are also therapies that treat different types of psychological issues using a mix of behavioral and cognitive therapies to treat issues that are triggered by negative thinking and behavior.

2- Social and personal development therapies

These therapies focus on treating different types of social and personal development issues that can affect your life. The therapist that you will visit to get this type of therapy will fix your personality issues as well as the social issues that you are dealing with.

3- Therapies to treat issues related to unconsciousness

These therapies fix a number of mental health issues that are related to the unconsciousness of the patients. According to psychologists there are many psychological issues that people safe due to the harsh memories of their childhood. Therapies that treat issues related to unconsciousness use techniques that replace the negative memories with the positive events to help them live a happy life by fixing their mental health issues.

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