Avoiding common mistakes before purchasing explosion proof equipment

You must have seen them in action, and possibly you would like to purchase them as well, but have you thought about things to do before purchasing these solutions? Well, it is something you should ponder about, and you better do that before purchasing the equipment. Think about it – why ex panel, lights, motors, AC and other equipment are sold housed inside an explosion-proof casing? What good do these casings bring to the customer that ordinary casings don’t? Truth to be told, you will feel much confident using equipment housed inside an explosion enclosure or casing when compared to using it without one. Think about the reasons as to why companies look for such versatile solution makers and would love to buy solutions from them without inquiring? The simplest reason is that they lay their faith in those companies for a reason.

Most of the companies that operate in Dubai and other states enjoy an excellent reputation in the market. You will notice that their provided solutions last a long time, are backed by warranties and after-sale support. Naturally, you would be intrigued to invest in such a solution as well, but there is a catch. Some customers fall for rumors and misperceptions before purchasing explosion-proof casing. You should ensure not to commit the following mistakes before purchasing a worthy solution:

Explosion proof enclosures don’t work

Will you even believe this propaganda? If you did, then you’ve made a mistake. The last thing you would want at this stage is to commit a mistake. Remember, you have a workplace, and your favorite employees at stake, which is why you cannot neglect buying these solutions.

Not doing comparisons?

Why would you go on and buy a solution without comparing it with similar solutions available in the market? The simplest thing to do is to take quotations, compare features and see which company is willing to provide you a better deal. Once you are done with the comparison, simply shortlist the one that had a better deal for you.

Overlooking warranties

That’s something you should avoid at all costs. The warranty will come in handy, so always look to buy casings that come with a limited warranty and check if there is an after sale service in the deal too. Go for the sweetest deal and make sure to get it from the supplier of explosion proof terminal box, among other equipment, that has a great reputation in the industry.

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