5 Things That You Need To Prepare When Meeting Your Building Contractor

Once you already have an architectural firm and a project developer to do your project, the project would start to roll. But it will not commenced yet into a full construction. A lot of project planning and preparation is needed to ensure that both the client and the contractors are on the same page.


And the planning starts with a series of consultations to develop an excellent structure design and blueprint. Most architecture firms Dubai request a number of things to their clients so they can get a sense of what the client wants in a project. To expedite the process, be sure to prepare the following:


  1. Your structural peg and references


Although the architects would be the ones responsible for providing the structural design of the project, they want to visualize the type of structure that the client want based on reference. Do some research about the latest building designs. It would be best if you can provide at least three references that the consultant can use to draft the initial design.


  1. Your requirements and specifics


Most clients would like to discuss the requirements during the consultation. But thinking about the requirements during the actual meeting can take up too much time. It would be best if you can list a couple of requirements that you have in mind. A rough draft would do. You and your consultant can polish this during the meeting. Your list of requirements should include the number of floors, what functionalities of the structure, and the target audience and the user. You can some of the specifics as you go along.


  1. Your timetable


A project needs to have a timetable in order to be complete. Most of the time, projects that do not have a timeline can extend for years, costing clients money and time. As clients, you need to provide your contractors a working timeline so they can check whether it is feasible. Be sure to be realistic when it comes providing a timetable for the project.


  1. Your working budget


The project budget is definitely one of the hardest thing to prepare. Be sure to meet with your team to know how much money you are willing to shell out for the project and get more info about your finances. Be sure to make allowances when it comes to additional costing.




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