5 Maintenance Care Tips For Your Scaffolding Equipment

For some businesses, their scaffolding equipment is a big help to their trade. For instance, construction sites use this equipment for structural and worker support. For other companies, it is beneficial for their trade.

Given the importance of this equipment, you need to ensure that you take good care of your scaffolding in UAE. Here are some ways you can do it:

  • Know the equipment from top to bottom


The first thing that you need to do when you are keeping up maintenance with your scaffolding equipment or any other equipment is that, you need to know the equipment like the back of your hand. By doing this, you know how to operate the equipment appropriately and you can rely this to your team and other workers. This may take time, but this step is a necessary thing to do.


  • Check before purchase


Some buyers are being too trusting once they sign the deal agreement. But in purchasing and investing, you need to be a smart buyer and be sure that you will conduct a thorough check of the equipment before it will be handed to you. You might want to bring someone who has extensive knowledge about the equipment so they can help you scrutinize the equipment before you take it home.


  • Test drive the equipment


Before you release the equipment, be sure to test drive it. For scaffolding, you might want to do some quick installation on a stable ground to see the equipment as a whole. Be sure to inspect it again when you use it on actual site.


  • Log in equipment inconsistencies


This can be a bit anal-retentive, but this maintenance pointers can help you and your workers see if the equipment is still viable for use. Logging in the condition of the equipment everyday would help you to know if there is something amiss about the equipment and schedule a repair should be necessary.



  • Ask the supplier


At times, you need to call your supplier to ask if you are unsure about the equipment. You can refer to the manual, but the supplier and manufacturer would always know better. So, be sure to have your supplier’s contact at hand, especially when you need something for repairs and spare parts replacements.

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