4 Simple Design Hacks To Spruce Up Your Cubicle

For employees, their workspace is their second home. It is where they spend most of their waking hours. Over time, the space may feel like constricting and uninspiring. When it reaches that point, work becomes tedious and hours spent on the desk may feel like a jail sentence.


But it doesn’t have to be that way. Renowned interior design companies in UAE suggest making cubicles more interesting, so workers would be inspired and productive in their workspace. If you think that your cubicle is needing a much-needed upgrade, try this list of cubicle design ideas to spruce it up:


  1. Spice up your bulletin board


Bulletin boards are created for posting important information. But you can turn this corkboard into a design piece by sprucing it up. There are a number of ways to do this. For one, instead of using one color sticker paper on the board, try using decorative push pins to liven up the board. And make an effort to design announcements to capture the eye of your intended audience. Employees would be compelled to look at your bulletin board not just to read your announcements, but also to admire your handiwork.


  1. The fancier the calendar, the better


Looking at calendar may seem tedious as it would remind you of your schedule and deadlines. But a fancier calendar may change your perspective. Invest in a well-designed calendar that you can either hang in your cubicle or placed in your table. This would inspire you to check it out more often and you will never miss an appointment or an event.


  1. Make your desktop background an art piece


If you have a big computer monitor on your cubicle, use it to your advantage. Put an inspiring work of art on the screen and look for a power word or an inspirational quote that would push and inspire you to work. Work experts indicated that using a power word or phrase would help you to be more aligned with your goals and push you to work harder towards your objective.


  1. Create coziness inside the space


Traditional cubicle looks like any cubicle – all white, cold, and uninspiring. It lacks warmth and coziness which relaxes the mind. If you aspire to make your cubicle look and feel like home, you can add some warmth to it by placing a lamp as a decorative piece or you can try this: put some bedroom design accents that would make you feel like you are in your own personal space. This would help you to think more creatively.


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