Vision therapy for better eyesight – No need for surgery!

It is extremely common these days to come across people, particularly children, suffering from eyesight and vision problems. There are many reasons for this including a lack of sleep, higher exposure to TV and different gadgets including cellphones and iPads. Because of all these factors, kids are losing their vision strength and becoming dependent on contact lenses and glasses. In teenagers and adults, some people prefer vision correction surgeries instead of using contact lenses or glasses. However, you need to know that surgery is not recommended in some cases and there are other therapies that can be used for better vision. Any ophthalmologist in Dubai that you visit can suggest you different vision therapies according to your cornea and lens power. With these therapies, it becomes possible for the connection between eyes and brain to be restored to its proper functionality, without additional tools or surgeries. The best part about these therapies is that they can be used to resolve eye problems associated with learning disabilities, lazy eyes, crossed eyes, or double vision.

The one thing for sure about vision therapy is that apart from strengthening the eye, these also improve the neurological connections between eyes and brain nerves. For the best results, it is necessary for vision therapy to be sought by a professional eye specialist or ophthalmologist. There are certain exercises tailored by the doctors according to visual problems of the patient which are performed daily to thrice a week for 30 to 60 minutes until the improvements start to emerge.

There are patients out there who are found complaining about blur vision or image capturing problems at early morning or in dim or low light. This problem typically tends to occur due to poor brain and eyes nerves connection. These types of issues are efficiently dealt with by vision exercises without any side effects. They improve image correction and color recognition too. In cases like loose eye muscles, it is necessary for eye surgery to take place. Without it, issues like these simply cannot be resolved. No vision therapy is effective in this case but only helpful for strengthening the neurological pathways between brain and eyes. A preliminary exam is taken to analyze the vision problem and appropriate treatment so that the right type of therapy can be used. Many patients have successfully recovered their visionary capabilities and improved visual functioning after regularly performing specific therapy and exercise.

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