Reasons to make your child attend a pre-school

In the western world, the concept of early childhood education has become an essential part of a child’s educational career. If you have happened to talk to parents from that part of the world, you must have got so many reasons to get your son or daughter enrolled in a local nursery or pre-school. The first and the foremost reason for them to send their kids to a pre-school is the fact that this short stint would help the kids prepare for a successful run at an elementary school. There are many nurseries in Mohammed Bin Zayed City which are catering to the early childhood education needs of the local population.


There are many reasons, pre-schools or nurseries are crucial for your children’s social and educational development prior to their days in the elementary schools. Let’s take a look at few of them.


  1. Treat these nurseries and pre-schools as the foundation of learning for your children. These facilities offer growth to your kids as they get education in a fun-filled manner in a structured setting which helps them well in getting accustomed with the norm of social interaction.
  2. The pre-school prepares the children for the kindergarten stage, which has become more academic over the years. Parents are also concerned about their children’s pre-math and pre-literacy skills which are an integral part of the pre-schools curriculum.
  3. Many parents are concerned about keeping the balance of playtime with the children’s academic time. However, the best nurseries and pre-schools offer both to the children, thereby removing the concerns of the parents.
  4. Every child has his or her unique way of learning and understanding new things and skills. The top-quality pre-schools have the services of the best human resources and well-trained teachers who are fully aware of the latest trends in the early childhood education. They are also aware of the personal needs of each child at the premises and have ways to professionally tackle them in an efficient manner. They are able to organize programs to enhance children’s emotional, social, physical, and cognitive capabilities.
  5. The professional staff members at the high-quality pre-schools regard parents as the experts on their children and their strengths and weaknesses. They set up a frequency with the parents to provide them with the daily reports their child’s activities and arrange regular parent-teacher meetings which allow the both sides to have an in-depth discussion on the children’s overall performance besides taking stock of their growth and success prospects.


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